Historical records:

Name Time
Jason Ostreicher (2019) 5:12 Men's record
Jamie Kennedy (2015) 6:14 Women's record
Jake McBurns (2011) 6:27 Singlespeed record
Jayce Robertson/Kevin (2011) 8:41 Tandem record
Caleb Whitbeck (2016) 11:30 Recumbent record


(results by finishing time)

Name Time Rider comments
Shawn M Howard 5:40 God bless the USA :)
Luther Riley 5:40:01 Washboards 4 days
Joseph Nye 5:40:10 [no comment]
Winston Mathews 5:40:11 :) OH DAT GRAVEL
Anton Roth 5:40:12 Two Wheel Dealer, five wheel finisher
Noah Smith 5:46:53 Caveman grunts
Andrew Isaacson 6:12 Now with more fences!
Jake Brooks 6:27 I came, I saw, I suffered.
Marty Larsen 6:57 I feel like my nipples got twisted.
Clint Mason 7:26 Beautiful night for a spin.
Steve Szwec 7:26 Ugh, my GRUNDEL!!
Thee Mow Mow Mow 7:26 Wasn’t last year longer?!!
Jarred Gildehaus 7:27 My funnest century ever!!
Chris Ellis 7:39 Super rad, Gravel Alt!!
Chris Dohrman 7:48 Great ride!
Jason Brown 7:48 Washboards MNBN
3than was here 7:52 Most of it was a blur.
Jake Taylor 7:56 Mountain bikes are better!
Colton Ellingson 7:56 Full sus MTB was the move!
Ryan Wade 8:04 Yeehaw!
Jay Wise 8:29 Great ride
Paul Brunton 8:29 Awesome!!
Tom Dotson 8:38 I’ll be back!
Thomas Yeates 8:40 My knee hurts. Also, f*** Jennings!
Todd Richards 8:59 #YOYO 2022
Darin McClain 9:00 Thank you!!!
Jeremy Weber 9:00 Awesome
Tim Hanson 9:15 Waffles are worth it!
Nick Sweeny 10:08 Bleh!
Cory Rekasie 10:08 I LEAP! Alt gravel
James Fultz 10:40 Nice ride!
Scott Willegalle 10:40 #7
Jake Westrich 10:41 Biiiiikes
Sam Thackston 10:41 Gravel King
Justin Short 10:42 LANTERN ROUGE!!


(results by finishing time)

Name Time Rider comments
Clint Hastings 5:37 Lights Out
Shawn Howard 5:37 Boom - Get Tough!
Brandon Wagner 5:37
Dan Fealk 5:37 Awesome
Andrew Isaacson 6:04 I’ll git you my roadies and your little tires too!
Ryan Burks 6:29
Jason Ostreicher 6:41 Alternate route was a blast!
Ryan Wade 6:55 Full Moon Rising
Jake Brooks 6:56 Yee Haw!
Ryan Kettleson 6:58 Time To Bed
John Stocker 6:58 Madness
Thomas Yeates 7:15 Always be scrambling!
Kyle Mensing 7:15 Drop Bars are dead!
Willy Bartlet 7:15 Ahead of schedule
Evan Kuttler 7:15 3rd Time. Still no porcupines.
Cory Rekassie 7:26 Alt Route was great! More gravel! More Fun!
Scott Anderson 7:30 1st time!! What an amazing ride! :)
Jen Cowgill 7:50 Great ride! Midpoint mountain dew was choice.
Liz Davidson 7:50 100 mile burrito!
Jason Brown 7:54 M
George Alexander 7:54 B
Brent Roberts 7:54 N
Thee Mow 8:00 145 miles cause why not!
Todd Richards 7:59 Same time next week?
Justin Short 8:31 Midnight Double, Ho!
Scott Willegale 9:05 Beer
Darin Mclain 9:05 So much more fun than sleeping!
James Fultz 9:05 Nice ride!
Joel Smith 9:18
Micah Smith 9:18
Cardyn Cartwright 9:30 Not above the FLT!
Noah Johnson 9:30 First ride. Loving some gravel for breakfast!
Patty Jo Struve 10:26 Epic moon, horrible washboards on alternate route.
Jakob Zetwick DNF DNF in Spangle
Joe Thomsen DNF DNF in Spangle


(results by finishing time)

Name Time Rider comments
Jason Ostreicher5:12The Most painful fun you can have on a bike.
Kyle Mensing5:29Jason is an animal
Luther Riley5:45Good Vibes!
Clint Hastings5:45Good way to spend the time if you can’t sleep
Brandon Wagner5:45Fun!
Matty Larsen6:45
Justin Short6:45Our beloved Jennings was most merciful!
Andrew Isaacson6:45Coming 2020 Rene Herse Jennings Road
Damion Miller6:45Love the vert and dirt!
Tim Lentz6:45Hypothermic!
Greg Kjeldgard7:09
Ryan Wade7:10Sweet, sweet gravel
Time Crum7:10
Monte Madison7:10Ouch Awesome
Rod Fuller7:10Coolest Thing I have done on a bike!
Scott Friedman 7:10
Lynn Stryker7:27Crazy to do it or crazy not to?!
John Osterback7:27Cold!
Jackson Bulger7:45Cold but so much fun!
Pat Bulger7:45OOF
Joshua Hess7:45Gravel is King
Thomas Yeates8:09Jennings was quite pleasant!
Tim Schlosser8:09Jennings is almost shook it out of me
John Abernathy8:09Dope
Spencer Horton8:09Chundery
Joe O’Brien8:09Grundle
Chris Andreason8:11Word
Josh Tolford8:15:)
Jon Amend8:11Stoke level is high!
Jason Mower8:20Yep! That happened
Travis Zunhett 8:24
Jason Brown8:24As advertised!
Brent Roberts8:23I’m tired! Kick ass ride
George Alexander8:231st century! Amazing
Joe Thomson8:3030min off last year!
Jeff Leone 8:36
Dan DeRyter8:34Tougher than I remember
Rick Cadwallader8:40Jennings was great, no wildlife
Nigel Calcaterra8:49These legs are cooked!
Jason Lauritson8:59Thank you so much from Streadarouc (SP?)
Joshua Reytnolds8:58Grinding Gravel
Cardyn Cartwright8:59Josh is the best. Thanks!
Justin Baumgarner8:11Thank!
Scott Willegalle11:117+ Yum Breakfast, long island Spangle
Leisal Lehrhaupt11:112nd lap
Danimal11:119 beers 1 hour nap breakfast in Spangle
James Fulton11:114 white russians “dude abides”
Bradley Baysinger11:43


(results by finishing time)

Name Time Rider comments
Jason Ostreicher 5:45 Where’s Thomas? I thought he would be here!
Lindsey Duvall 5:50 Ouch
David Blaine 6:18 5 porcupines
Luther Riley 6:45 Sorry bunny
Kevin Goltz 7:15
Andrew Isaacson 7:15 I broke my Spokane in Spoka.
Tim Dunn 7:39 I made it through all of my hamburgers.
Lynn Stryker 7:39 I broke another tooth on Jennings.
John Osterback 7:39 #!?* Jennings
Justin Short 7:39 Popping wheelies & Turfing Lawns
Joshua Hess 7:58 Wheeee!
Pat Bulger 7:58 Ouch.
Jackson Bulger 7:58 That hurt!
Marc Johnson 7:58 Jennings! (Argh!)
Brandon Warner 8:09 Barf
David Goode 8:09 (arrow up) Sick
Andrew Ackerman 8:30 SS Soma. Done and Dusted!
Alexian Lane 8:45 Single Speed. Officiating retiring from Midnight 100
Joe Thomsen 9:35 Novara Element
Ben King 9:40 The shoulders on Jennings are nebulous! Beware!!
Thomas Yeates 10:01 One of my testicles is somewhere on Jennings Rd.
Daniel Lee 10:01 I would like to thank S’Mores Pop Tarts.
Greg Welton 10:36 Oh yeah
Steve Oliver 10:36 Awesome!
Scott Willegalle 10:38 Crushed it!!!
Liesel Lehraurt 10:38 Brapp!
Darin Mccloud 10:38 Done!!
Carolyn Cartwright 10:58 [undecipherable] Embrace the Gravel!
Satish Shrestha 10:58 Bad knee. Won’t give up. And carolyn is a good friend :)


(results by finishing time)

Name Time Rider comments
Jason Oestreicher5:43I love this ride…except Jennings. F**k Jennings
Tim Crum 6:22 Yum!
Topher Stuart 6:22 Oh it was wet
Brian Comstock 6:25 Delicious
Eric Erickson 7:47 Big Moon
Lynn Stryker 7:47 I think I chipped my tooth on Jennings Rd.
John Osterback 7:47
Rick Cadwaller 7:49 One porcupine, 2 cat, and lots of washboards!
Evan Kutter 8:12 I am (indecipherable) ) broken, I wanted a porcupine!
Xander Fiss 8:12 Everything Hurts.
Hank Greer 8:50 Elephant NFE 2 Porcupines
Bobby Johnson 9:36 I love Gummy Bears.
Logan Ervin 9:36 I love Oreos.
Scott Arbuckle 10:35 Woo Hoo no wrong turns this time
Scott Willegalle 10:51 Gosh, (indecipherable) fun
Randy Stoat 10:51 First time, flat 13 minutes in. F**K!!!


(results by finishing time)

Name Time Rider comments
Jason Ostreicher5:50I am not sure why I think this is fun.
Jeff Zickler6:00
Matty Larsen6:26The bag of d*#!s is full
Brian Comstock6:28Needs a cobble section
Tim Crum6:28I love wash boards!!
Glen Copus6:36
Chip andrus7:10
Ryan McLucas7:17Jennings road sucks!
Jonathon Hawkins7:29
Evan Kutter7:36Beautiful ride!
Rick Codwallader8:20Loved the lightning
Sarah Oscarson9:44Where are all the ladies!?!?
Joel Oscarson9:45Drink anybody?
Scott Arbuckle9:59Holy crap! Missed one turn and thought I missed another.
Andrew Ackerman9:59Watch out for next year!
Ian Butler9:59Porcupines can’t stop this!!
Rory Sade9:59That trail got me feeling freaky
Danimal11:20Good people. Good times.
Scott Willegalle11:21untranslatable doodle
Josh Anderson11:30Weed is legal in WA
Matt Tully-Ruppert11:31Washboards!
Spencer Horton11:30Pushing a front loader
Caleb Whitbeck11:30First recumbent on route (it sucked!)
Trish Perry12:00Never again!
Justin Mclaughlin12:00The f$@*ing recumbent beat me!


(results by finishing time)

Name Time Rider comments/bike notes
Alan Jacob 5:44 I'm dizzy and can barely spell my name
Jason Oestreicher 5:45 I thought this was supposed to be hard!
Joe Johnson 5:45 Porcupines are scary
Matt Larson 6:12
Jamie Kenney 6:14 Queen of the mountain (new women's record)
Mike Reitener 6:14 Damn
Eric Erickson 6:15 Rawland 650B
Topher Stuart 6:15
Jeff Zickler 6:15
Glen Copus 6:18 That went pretty well
Lars Huschke 6:33 Dark, then light
Arden Pete 6:40 Ouch
Ron Belfils 6:55
Brian Comstock 6:55 Into the dark void!! Yay!!
Ian Butler 7:24
Jayce Robertson 7:29 I got bugs in my beard
Hank Greer 7:35 Best MC yet!
Chip Andrus 7:45
Dave Andrews 7:59 Rule #5
Pat Bulger 7:59 Unbelievable!
Dan Eaton 8:20 New respect for washboards
Kevin Kuraside 8:34 Broken Cannondale, finished on a F/S Trek!
Scott Arbuckle 9:20 I got nothing
Silas McQueen 9:50 Beer stops
Dan Nordendale 9:50 6 beers and a nap
Roger Randell 9:54 5 beers, 1 Sparks, lots of pedaling
Scott Willegalle 9:54 7 beers
Nigel 9:54 Yep, yep, yep
Jesse 10:27 God made dirt, and dirt bust yo ass.


About 40 people started the ride. No DNF'ers reported.

(results alphabetical by first name)

Name Time Rider comments
Adam Stewart 8:22 Rad- got lost=101 miles total
Aden Kailin 8:22 “Turn down for what (unreadable script)”
Alan Jacob 6:12 Hissing Raccoons are Scary!
Andrew Ackerman 8:05 Dead
Bob Johnson 8:38
Brian Johnson 7:57 Elephant CX Disc
Chris Wamsley 7:57 Single Speed
Dakota Small 7:20 Fatties Fit Fine (Fat Tire Record)
Dave Andrews 7:57 Epic Ride
David Blaine 7:45 Single Speed
Eric Erickson 7:55 WOW- Rawland 650b
Hank Greer 7:57 Commuter bike with 'cross tires
Ian Butler 8:38 One Fuckin’ Speed
Jaimie Kenney 8:25 Holy F*
Jeff Zickler 6:38
Jesse Prichard 10:59 Longest Unicycle ride of my life. (did not actually ride unicycle- ed.)
Joe Johnson 6:12 50 Miles with Broken Spoke
Jordan Wilson 8:22 Yeeah 33-29/11-23 Tarmac 25C!
Lars Huschke 7:57 Ready for next year.
Marc Mims 8:38 I need a beer!
Matt McCain 10:59 FML
Rust Latour 8:22 7 flats/ Porcupine/ Bee Sting
Ryan McLucas 6:39
Scott Arbuckle 8:39 Holy Crap!`
Silas McQuain 7:57 Ahhhh Beer Dude!
Stefan Huschke 7:57 Ja!`


(results alphabetical by first name)

NameTimeRider comments
Brian Johnson7:53 AM
Dan Eaton8:50 AM
Dennis Fanara8:51 AM
Eric Erickson7:59 AM108 miles wrong turns
Eric Ross6:10 AM
Erik Hokanson8:50 AM
Greg Rehm8:20 AMBellingham
Greg Shauble8:20 AMSingle Speed
Hank Greer7:53 AM
Jason Oestreicher5:40 AMOuch!!
Jayce Robertson7:52 AM
Jeff Donovan8:20 AM
Joe Anchondo7:53 AMtoughest 100 miles I have done
Joe Johnson6:42 AM
Joe Yacker7:12 AM
John Greer7:53 AM
Lars Huschice7:54 AMKona Jake the Snake
Rick Cadwallader7:45 AMAnother Great NIght
Scott Arbuckle8:13 AM
Scott Klimo8:20 AMBellingham
Shaun Gonsalves7:04 AMAmazing! :)
Shaun Lucke (sp?)8:20 AMBellingham
Simon Hartt7:04 AM
Stefan Huschice7:53 AMSurly Cross Check Single Speed
Steve Vanderstaay8:20 AMBellingham
Tom Carleton7:12 AM
Will Stone8:33 AM


(results alphabetical by first name)

Andy L7:10
Bill Bronson5:48
Ben Bray11:14
Blake Longacre8:15
Brian JDNF - Palouse
Brian Kelley9:10
Bryan Rennick10:03
Cassandra Goode8:25
Chris Stein8:20
Cody Gamble7:15
Craig Hill8:20
Dale Cook6:34
Dan DeRuyter7:14
Dan Garrett8:15
Daniel Addington7:15
David Goode8:25
Eric Erikson6:47
Eric Ross6:16
Glen CopusDNF - Dunn Road
gNateDNF - Liberty Lake
Greg Schauble8:10
Hank Greer8:24
Jake McBurns5:48
Jason OestreicherDNF - Liberty Lake
Jeff Donovan8:10
Jeremy Tanner8:15
Jess Troyer7:34
John Greer8:24
John Speare7:25
Joseph Yacker6:51
Justin Becker8:00
Pat Rick Sullivan8:30
Pat SpruteDNF - 32nd Ave
Peter Michalowicz11:49
Rheanne Garrett8:15
Rick Cadwallader7:30
Sarah S7:10
Sean McLaughlin8:15
Simon Hartt8:30
Steve - Bike HubDNF - 32nd Ave
Steve Sanders(Bike Hub DNFer?)
Tom Hungerford6:16
Tom McFadden5:15
Tom Ryse5:15
Will Stone7:14


(alphabetical by first name)

Barry Fischer8:41
Ben Bray10:21
Bill Bronson6:27
Brian Kelley9:20
Corey Judd8:10
Dan D8:42
Dan Garret7:31
Daniel Addington9:20
Eric Erikson12:12
George Grable8:10
Greg Welton7:31
Jace (ND bike shop)8:41w/ Kevin, first tandem finishers ever!
Jake McBurns6:27single speed course record
Joe Foote8:12
Coffee Joe 11:24
Joe Latranio7:58
John Speare6:43
Jon Eberly8:25
Jon Hawkins8:14
Joseph Yacker7:39
Justin Becker7:31
Kevin (ND bike shop)8:41w/ Jace, first tandem finishers ever!
Kyle Smith8:00
Larry Bibb12:13
MatthewDNF - Bruna Roaddislocated shoulder
Mike Southworth11:24
Patrick Sullivan8:30
Pete Headamark6:21
Rheanne Garnett7:31first female finisher ever!
Rick Cadwallader8:05
Roger Young8:29
Stephen Morgan10:15
Tandem #2DNFunidentified man and woman team
Tom5:44course record
Tom CarletonDNF - Highway 27


(results alphabetical by first name, NDB = North Division Bike Shop Crew)

NameTimeBike notes
Alan Jacobs6:09 full sus mountain bike
Barry NDB 8:37 full sus bike
Ben Vernon Bray DNF - Liberty Lake 1973 Azuki 10-speed
Chad Nelson 6:09 full sus mountain bike
Dan DNF - Spangle mystery bike
Diane DNF - Liberty Lake Novara Randonee
Dennis DNF - Spangle mystery bike
Eric Erickson9:15 Bianchi
Glen Copus DNF - State line Elephant CX
Greg NDB 8:37 CX bike
Jake McBurns 7:40 Voodoo Single Speed 29'er
Jason Gilman 8:24 Trek 7500 hybrid
Jayce NDB8:37 CX bike
Jim NDB8:37 CX bike
Joe NDB8:49 Scott Sub 10 (Alfine hub, 32 mm tires)
Joe ThomsenDNF - Liberty Lake Novara Element CX bike
Justin BeckerDNF - Palouse and Dunn 1983 Specialized Expedition
Kevin NDB8:37 LHT
Mark KDNF - Saltese and BarkerElephant road bike
MikeDNF - Liberty Lake Novara Randonee
Pat Sprute9:15 Elephant fat-tired road bike
Ron DDNF - Saltese and BarkerRedline Monocog
Tom McFadden6:09 Specialized Stumpjumper with 2.2" tires